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How do I send email in Outlook Express?


To setup your Email accounts in Outlook Express simply follow these steps:


1.Open Outlook Express

2.Click on Tools

3.Click on Accounts

4.Click Add->Mail

5.Enter your name as you want it to appear on this Email Address and click Next.

6.Enter your full Email address (email@yourdomain.com) and click Next.

7.Enter your mail servers mail.yourdomain.com for both incoming and outgoing and click Next.

8.Enter your full Email address in the Account name field and enter your Email Addresses password in the password box and click Next.

9.Click Finish.

10.Click on Tools.

11.Click on Accounts.

12.Find your account and click properties.

13.Click on the Servers Tab.

14.Put a check in the box that sais: My Server Requires Authentication and click OK, then click Close.


You may now send and receive Email through Outlook Express.


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